Find the Food

Just like preparing a wonderfully nutritious meal requires having the right ingredients and utensils, so it goes with preparing spiritual meals. Below are resources to help you begin the Searching the Scriptures process!

Watch and listen as Chuck Swindoll shares his passion for helping you learn to study the Bible.

Where Should I Start?

A common question a brand-new Christian asks about the Bible is, “Where should I read first? Should I just start in Genesis?” Rhome tackles this question and gives his recommendation.

Making Sense of Bible Translations

Why are there so many translations of the Bible, and which are the best to use? Chuck shares which ones he uses and why and also gives a bit of history behind Bible translations.

How to Use Bible Study Tools

We can greatly benefit from the hours of time and research others have put into studying the Bible. How? By availing ourselves of the kinds of resources Chuck and Rhome mention here.

Do You Like History or Poetry?

When you pick up a newspaper, you grab the section most in line with your interests: sports, arts, opinions, or news. Rhome and Chuck explain how the Bible also has categories and sections.

Find helpful insight on preparing to study the Bible

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Learn the basic four-step process Chuck Swindoll uses to study the Bible and prepare meaningful and life-changing messages.