People often ask Chuck how he draws his insights from the verses he reads. Chuck wants to help “open your eyes” and learn how to make similar discoveries.

This step in the Bible study process encourages you to “bombard the text with questions!” Questions such as . . .

  • Who is speaking or present in the scene?
  • What is the context?
  • Where is the scene or story taking place?
  • When is the situation occurring?
  • Why would the biblical author include this passage or detail?

Take some time to read through and study the articles included on this page to gain a basic handle on the important step of observation.

Where Do You See That?

People often ask Chuck how he draws the kinds of insights he does out of the verses he reads. He wrote this book to help us each “open our eyes” and learn how to make the same discoveries.

Don't Read Too Quickly

It’s possible to miss important details from passages we’ve read the most times. That’s why we must take our time as we read and ask the same basic questions of observation every time.

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Explore the next step of the Searching the Scriptures process where we answer the question, What does it mean?